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Expert Tips for Looking After Your New (or Old) Wig

We understand that buying a wig can be a big investment, particularly when you’re looking for a high quality wig that will stand the test of time. While we aim to provide New Zealanders with the best prices for the best European-made wigs and offer help with Medical Grants for people suffering hair loss, we also provide expert advice on how to care for your wigs to ensure they stand the test of time and stay looking great; even with everyday use.


Differences in Caring for Synthetic vs. Human Hair Wigs

You’ve probably already gone through the process of weighing up whether you need a synthetic or a human hair wig and have chosen your model accordingly. If you’re still considering what type of wig to get, please read our post on Human Hair vs. Synthetic Wigs that outlines the differences in each hair type to see what will suit your needs and lifestyle.

When caring for synthetic or human hair wigs, there are some slight differences between the two types:

Human Hair Wig Care

  •  – Wash with tepid to warm running water, not cold water
  •  – To rinse your wig, gently squeeze shampoo through the hair while washing
  •  – De-tangle your wig by gently combing the hair using a wig comb whilst conditioning

Synthetic Wig Care

  •  – Wash with cold water, not warm or hot water as the heat will damage the synthetic fibres
  •  – To rinse your wig, immerse it in a bowl of cold water; do not squeeze or wring your wig
  •  – De-tangle your wig using a wide tooth comb before washing while it is still dry

For a full guide on washing synthetic wigs, please read our Synthetic Wig Care post, and our Human Hair Wig Care post for human hair wigs.

General Wig Care and Confidence Tips

It is important to care for your wig to make sure it stays looking great and doesn’t lose its shape or quality over time. Simple washing and maintenance are essential for all wigs and hair pieces, and if you purchase from Wigs NZ our consultants will show you how to care for your specific wig, and give you a take-home guide. We can also recommend products to extend the life of wigs and keep their colour vibrant.

Here are some general wig care and confidence tips to consider:

  •  – Keep wigs away from direct heat – heat can quickly cause irreparable damage to wigs and hair pieces – particularly synthetic ones. Avoid heat from ovens, barbeques,open fires, cigarette lighters, hot steam and hair dryers. We suggest you wear a hat or scarf while cooking.
  •  – Have a second wig as backup – having two wigs ready to wear at all times brings peace of mind. If anything should happen to one, you can wear the other. It also extends the life of your wigs, as you will be wearing them in turn.
  •  – Consider cap size and construction – wigs come in different cap sizes and constructions to ensure they fit your head perfectly. Check out our Wig Cap Construction and Wig Size guides for more information, or contact an agent near you for a private consultation.
  •  – Choosing products – ensure you choose wig specific products to shampoo, condition and style your hair rather than general hair products, depending on whether you’ve got a synthetic or human hair wig. Using regular hair products on your wig will cause build up and compromise their quality and lifespan.
  •  – Use a wig stand or mannequin – while you’re not wearing your hair, make sure to store it on a wig stand, mannequin or even a large sized jar so that it will keep its shape and style.

If you need any help choosing a new wig, or caring for your current wig please get in touch with us – we are more than happy to help.


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