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How to care for your human hair wig

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A human hair, or “real hair” wig or hairpiece is generally more robust and long-lasting than synthetic hair. By taking care of it the right way, your human hair wig should last for a long time and stay robust. Our high quality human hair wigs can be thermoformed and offer many different styling options.


What are the best care products for human hair wigs? Human hair wig care products

For washing and cleaning human hair wigs, we recommend the Ellen Wille Human Hair Wig Care Set for silky, shiny hair. The Wig Care Kit includes shampoo, conditioner and balm to help keep your human hair wig in pristine condition. Standard hair care products are not suitable for human hair especially if they contain sulfates, as they alter the colour of the roots.


How often should a human hair wig be cleaned?

This depends very much on how much you wear it. Regular cleaning will increase the life of your human hair wig and preserve its natural shine. Daily or average use means the hair should be cleaned about once or twice a week. Adjust the frequency according to everyday activity. When your wig is not in use, it is best stored on a wig stand to allow ventilation. You can also follow our step by step instructions for washing and caring for a human hair wig below the video.

Step by step instructions

Follow our step by step instructions below to ensure the best washing technique and care routine for your human hair wig.


1. Placing of the Hair

  • Place the wig or hairpiece made of human hair on a styrofoam head. You can fix the second hair with a pin. Avoid stabbing the monofilament or the lace front.

2. Before washing

  • Comb the hair with a soft brush with rounded bristles and carefully remove any knots. Start at the hair ends. If there are any human hair styling products left in the hair, the wig shampoo will by itself dissolve them in the following wash.
  • TIP: Use a wig comb or brush with rounded ends. Avoid tearing and overstretching your wig in the area of the lace front if it has one.

3. Wetting of the Hair

  • Moisten the human hair of the wig or hairpiece by holding it under running, lukewarm water in the direction of fall – from the roots to the tips. Please do not place the model in a water bath.

4. Shampoo and Rinse

  • Take a hazelnut-sized amount of Ellen Wille Human Hair Shampoo and gently rub it in from the roots to the tips. Never massage, rub, wring or comb the roots of the hair where they are tied to the foundation – this will cause damage.
  • Rinse Ellen Wille Human Hair Shampoo thoroughly under clear water until no shampoo residue is left.
  • TIP: Be particularly gentle on any hand tied areas of the wig cap as this area is the most fragile.

5. Balm / Condition

  • Carry out a second treatment with Ellen Wille Human Hair Balm. Balm provides the perfect basic hair care after every wash – it detangles, strengthens and makes the hair beautifully soft, silky and easy to brush.
  • Take up an amount of balm about the size of a hazelnut and gently stroke it again from the base towards the tips.
  • After a short while, rinse your wig thoroughly under running water and pat dry carefully with a towel.
  • Lay the wig onto a towel, fold the towel over like an envelope, and press the water out of the hair. In this manner, you can remove most excess water.

6. Styling your Wig

  • We recommend using specific hair reconstruct/moisture additive products at this time. They assist in minimizing breakage, tangling or hair loss.
  • Allow the hair to semi dry (50%) naturally before actually styling the hair. You will find it easier and the hair will be less likely to tangle at that time.
  • Care’N Repair from Ellen Wille is a spray on conditioner with repair effects. It provides moisture and makes the hair feel soft and easy to brush, without having to rinse. Just spray a few puffs of the spray on conditioner into wet hair and do not rinse it afterwards.
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