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Natalie Lim
Natalie Lim
April 1, 2024.
Wigs by haircreations went above and beyond for me. I highly recommend you go here. From the lovely generous staff and management, excellent communication and huge selection of wigs. They will go all the way to make sure you find the perfect fit. A massive thank you.
Verity Grault
Verity Grault
March 20, 2024.
I just wanted to say that the team here at Wigs by Haircreations were absolutely amazing. As you walk in, You are greeted with smiles and warmth. I found the staff all incredibly professional and have a great sense of compassion. I was a little scared and very worried about trying head pieces on, as for a female loosing your hair can be rather traumatic. But I felt so at ease, that I walked out feeling like a brand new woman, with a new sense of purpose!!!! I cannot thank you all enough for such a fabulous experience!!!
Corline Ellis
Corline Ellis
March 17, 2024.
Best wigs and service in Auckland! Staff are amazing and vey helpful.
January 23, 2024.
Hello Just a note to tell you that I have received lots and lots of compliments on my wig I purchased from you. The doctors (woman consultants) kept looking and said it was the best and most natural they have ever seen and then they come up closer to have a look and feel. I look great in the wig and feel really confident wearing it. I have not worn the other wig as yet. So thank you for your wonderful service. I wish you all the best. Yours Diana
Katherina Cailting
Katherina Cailting
January 23, 2024.
I wear the Emotion human hair. I style it as the picture on their website and have gotten many compliments. Would definitely purchase from Wigs by Haircreations again, great customer service as well when calling with questions.
November 27, 2023.
Over the last several years I have purchase wigs from Hair Creations which have been better than my original hair. Also I have had a change of style made to the wigs carried out by Glenn whom I found delightful to deal with and an artist in his proffesion. There was no charge for the style change which was very pleasing. Annie King
Jess thorne
Jess thorne
September 22, 2023.
I had a appointment with Glenn, a hair wig consultant. He conducted himself in a professional manner and made me feel at ease. He listened to needs and wants in a selection of amazing wigs at their disposal. He offered me a selection of a dark and a blonde wig and helped me make a decision that worked for my situation.
Vickie Brodie
Vickie Brodie
August 30, 2023.
I would very much recommend Wigs by Haircreations Auckland, especially Cece..... her service, communication and kindness while helping me with my new wig. She was excellent. I have had several wigs from the Auckland branch, and would recommend 💯

Tinas wig 1

Tina’s Wig

“I’ve have been a Type 2 Diabetic for 22 years. I am 57 years old and a Samoan. I was experiencing hair loss in my mid 40’s but never really took notice of it until I started to see quite a bits of hair rapidly coming out. I spoke to a lovely lady named Leanne who made my transition a comfortable and happy experience. She shaved off the rest of my hair (which was quite emotional for me) and we spoke about what wigs were available for my head shape and style. I have two different style wigs that I’m very happy with and the best thing is it’s simple to put on and I walk out of my home feeling confident and looking like a million dollars 😁… Thank you once again for everything!”

– Tina

Cindys wig

Cindy’s “Risk Comfort” wig by Ellen Wille

“My hair was very gradually falling out due to chemo (again) so I wanted to be prepared this time. I was impressed with the website and the clarification provided by the team member when I phoned. My selection was out of stock but I was happy to wait for it to be made.  Oh wow – the lace wing is light and comfortable. The perfect part for me is around the ears – it’s soft and I can fit in hearing aids, glasses and a face mask when needed. The quality of the hair is very realistic and doesn’t look like a wig. I’ve already selected my next purchase. Thank you for giving me wonderful options.”

 – Cindy

Sarah’s “Arrow” wig by Ellen Wille

Sarah’s “Arrow” wig by Ellen Wille

“A while back I purchased Ellen Wille Arrow in Champagne Rooted. OMG love her!!! This is her with some toner spray to tame the golden highlights. Arrow is amazing.”

– Sarah

Rachel’s “Turn” wig by Ellen Wille

Rachel’s “Turn” wig by Ellen Wille

“Here is my Ellen Willie Turn hairpiece. It is my everyday wig and I will be purchasing again. Soooo easy to wear. Effortless style. I am receiving lots of compliments!”

– Rachel

Gail's Shine Comfort in Champagne Mix colour by Ellen Wille customer review

Gail’s “Shine Comfort” wig by Ellen Wille

“I have very thin hair after chemo treatment. This is my first  hand-tied wig and I just love it. Shine Comfort in Champagne Mix by Ellen Wille. I wore it to my craft group, ladies that know me well and nobody blinked an eye. One lady said my hair was looking good and I whispered to her it was a wig and she was astonished. Thank you.”

– Gail

Janines Zora wig by Ellen Wille

Janine’s “Zora” wig by Ellen Wille

“Love my new look, thanks to Wigs by Haircreations, wig is Zora – and Toni from Babble On Hair, Pukekohe for helping me with the final look. Thank you Wigs.co.nz.”

– Janine

Patricias Carol in Snow Mix

Patricia’s “Carol” wig by Ellen Wille

“Hi my name is Patricia Randall. I lost all of my hair about 32yrs ago, it was devastating, the available wigs then were heavy and unreal looking. Now choosing a wig is no longer depressing, I have just bought my 3rd Ellen Wille wig, this time Ellen Wille “Carol”, Snow Mix. I feel 10 years younger, beautiful, every bit a complete woman, with film star hair, soft shiny, and the perfect cut. I’m 78 years old. Thank you.”

– Patricia

Vicki’s “Dance” wig by Ellen Wille

Vicki’s “Dance” wig by Ellen Wille

“A great hair day makes me feel like dancing! Every day is a good hair day with DANCE (Ellen Wille – Sandy Blonde Rooted). It’s a little bit flapper and a little bit flirty… and all you need to add is a wicked smile. Thanks for the great hair, prompt response and honest service.”

– Vicki

Kylies Drive

Kylie’s “Drive” wig by Ellen Wille

“I’d just love to say I’ve had my Drive wig for a few years now and customised her with a chop. Even though she needs a bit more attention with heat tools I still love her. The team are amazing to deal with and I’m looking forward to my next purchase with them ❤️

– Kylie

Jess Human Hair Obsession in Berntein mix

Jess’s “Obsession” wig by Ellen Wille

“I had an appointment with Glenn, a hair wig consultant. He conducted himself in a professional manner and made me feel at ease. He listened to my needs and wants in a selection of amazing wigs at their disposal. He offered me a selection of a dark and a blonde wig and helped me make a decision that worked for my situation.”

Jess wears “Obsession” by Ellen Wille in colour Bernstein Mix.

– Jess

Sarah’s “Drive” wig by Ellen Wille

Sarah’s “Drive” wig by Ellen Wille

“This is the Drive by Ellen Wille in Pearl Blonde Rooted. She is light weight, natural density and a perfect colour. This is my go-to wig because she is beautiful and easy to wear. 100/100 recommend!!! I’m definitely going to purchase a 2nd… and third. I highly recommend Wigs by Haircreations for beautiful wigs and awesome customer service.”

– Sarah

Sarah’s “Cloud” wig by Ellen Wille

Sarah’s “Cloud” wig by Ellen Wille

“This is Cloud from Ellen Wille in Lilac Haze. This is my cute boho look I did for Summer and I am in love!!! Thank you xxxx”

– Sarah

Raelenes Diva by Ellen Wille (Candy Blonde Rooted)

Raelene’s “Diva” wig by Ellen Wille

“I was very sick and had lost my hair, the wig – Diva by Ellen Wille (Candy Blonde Rooted) changed my life! I could feel confident going out and about again.  I actually get so many compliments about my hair every time I wear it, if I say it’s a wig they can’t believe it. I love it! Thank you x”

– Raelene

Bryana in Trinity

Bryana’s “Trinity” wig by Ellen Wille

“My name is Bryana Amos, and I am a transgender woman wearing the Trinity wig that I purchased from you. I am thrilled to bits with it. Fits beautifully, Sits beautifully. Also have the Yarra and the Bernstein wigs. Happy as a sparrow in dust.”

– Bryana

Helens Reno by Raquel Welsh

Helen’s “Reno Hi Comfort” wig by Raquel Welch

“Here I am with my favourite wig. It’s Reno Hi Comfort by Raquel Welch. Salt and Pepper colour. It’s so comfortable, it’s my go-to wig for just about everything.”

– Helen


Jesse’s “Roger Sport” wig by Ellen Wille

“I’ve had Alopecia since I was 9. I’m 17 now & I alternate between 2 wigs that allow me to audition for various TV ads. They are realistic looking, easy to look after & versatile to style. It’s hard to find wigs for male teens so am glad to have found Wigs.co.nz”

Jesse wears the Roger Sport men’s wig by Ellen Wille.

– Jesse


Wendy’s “Stop Traffic” wig by Raquel Welch

“I love my wig I got from your website, it is just gorgeous and I get so many compliments about it. I’m wearing Raquel Welch STOP TRAFFIC in Champagne, after wearing wigs for 30 years it’s definitely my favourite!”

– Wendy

Miss Leah

Miss Leah’s “Eclat” wig by Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille Eclat is my new hair. It’s absolutely amazing the quality, the lace front is exceptional it is great all round. It sits on my head so comfortably and I tend to large. Love, love love.”

– Miss Leah

Caitlins Cascade chocolate mix

Caitlin’s “Cascade” wig by Ellen Wille

“The team at Hair creations have made me feel so welcome since I first became a client when I was 13. I love the style of my wig, the quality always meets my expectations, my wig makes me feel comfortable and confident!”

Caitlin wears “Cascade” by Ellen Wille in colour Chocolate Mix

– Caitlin

Courtney’s “Emotion” wig by Ellen Wille

“I am so happy with my new wig. It fits me perfectly and the quality of hair is amazing. I am always getting compliments about it. The team have been taking great care of me for 17 years now!”
Courtney wears “Emotion” by Ellen Wille in colour Sandy Blonde Rooted

– Courtney

Eclat heat friendly lace front wig review by Marianne

Marianne’s “Eclat” wig by Ellen Wille

“My new Ellen Wille ‘Eclat’ in Sandy Blonde Rooted. I was a little worried with the rooting being much lighter than I anticipated however I think I can definitely work with it. The wig itself is stunning, so comfortable and beautiful soft fibres. Very happy with the ordering process too. Thank you!”

– Marianne

Golf wefted wig nz

Elizabeth’s “Golf” wig by Ellen Wille

“Love my Ellen Wille wig in Golf /pearl blonde it’s so comfy and easy to wear.”

– Elizabeth

Xenita Hi wig

Ashleigh’s “Xenita Hi” wig by Ellen Wille

“This is my recent purchase from Wigs by Haircreations. I purchased a Xenita Hi Remy Human Hair and it is absolutely amazing the quality is great. It sits on my head so comfortably and is so natural looking. They provide the best wigs so far that I have purchased, this is actually the second wig purchased in 2 months.”

– Ashleigh

Dawn’s wig

“I’m so glad I came across this website! I wasn’t looking forward to going all the way into the city, from South Auckland, and go thru fitting numerous wigs! This website, sends the consultant to you. You can choose your new look, in the comfort of your own home. I emailed them a few hair pieces and the consultant brought it all and together, we chose my new look. Brilliant!”

– Dawn

Satesha's review of Anima wig by Ellen Wille

Satesha’s “Anima” wig by Ellen Wille

“I’m absolutely amazed at how great my wig is, actually I now call it my hair because it so looks part of me. I now have the confidence to walk down the street with my head and hair held high instead of being ashamed of my looks. To me this is worth all the money in the world. Everyone I talk to can’t believe it actually is a wig and even my close family are incredulous at how much I’ve changed physically and emotionally. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the team at Haircreations, you have made me a very happy girl!”
Satesha wears Anima by Ellen Wille in colour Mocca Rooted.

– Satesha

Boston Mono wig

Jackie’s “Boston Mono” wig by Raquel Welch

“Everyone says how natural it looks and does not look like a wig which pleases me a lot. It was a very easy transaction. Thanks for all your help. I feel very confident when I’m wearing my wig.”
Jackie wears “Boston Mono” by Raquel Welch in colour Sand Mix

– Jackie

Francesca in Ellen Wille Spa wig

Francesca’s “Spa” wig by Ellen Wille

“This is Ellen Wille Spa, in Champagne rooted. It has become one of my favorites, as it is light and cool. I am very grateful for the patience and quick feedback from the staff, it has made a big difference!”

– Francesca

Jesse-James in Steven by Ellen Wille

Jesse-James’ “Steven” wig by Ellen Wille

“I have alopecia universalis. It’s so hard to find realistic wigs for teenage boys that are long in the front to hide my non-existent eyebrows but Mum found your website & saw some men’s styles on sale so took the chance & ordered for my 15th birthday this Ellen Wille Hair Mania men’s synthetic wig in style Steven/colour M36S. We decided it looked better on me worn backwards but the quality is so real. I’m already looking at ordering the Brian style in a similar colour without the grey.”

– Jesse-James

Annelie wearing her Lucky Hi wig

Annelie’s “Lucky Hi” wig by Ellen Wille

Pictured here wearing the ‘Lucky Hi’ synthetic lace front wig by Ellen Wille, in Pearl Blonde Rooted colour.

– Annelie

Hazel in Ellen Wille - Winner Wig

Hazel’s “Winner” wig by Ellen Wille

“Here I am in my Ellen Wille Winner in champagne rooted. The colour has worked wonderfully in lifting my face & the short style is perfect, it’s so easy to manage. Many thanks.”

– Hazel

Gabriennes Java wig

Gabrienne’s “Java” wig by Ellen Wille

“I recently purchased Java by Ellen Wille in Platin Blonde Rooted from you guys, and it’s so easy to style & I get so many compliments on it. Thanks!”

– Gabrienne

Kellie in Girl Mono wig by Ellen Wille

Kellie’s “Girl Mono” wig by Ellen Wille

“Thank you for this lovely wig. Having had chemo I was struggling with my hair loss and I was not looking forward to going back to work or to any functions. I’ve always wanted wavy hair and now I have it!” Kellie is wearing Girl Mono by Ellen Wille in Champagne Rooted.

– Kellie


Evana’s wig

“Yes, it’s a wig!!! When I decided to shave my hair off for Look Good Feel Better NZ, I wasn’t sure how I would ‘react’. It’s hard for me to explain but I thought it might challenge my self confidence and my femininity… but that is all part of it.”

– Evana

Jenny wears the Kiera wig by Ellen Wille in Mocca Rooted

Jenny’s “Keira” wig by Ellen Wille

“I am having a feel good day every time I wear my Ellen Wille “Keira” in Mocca Rooted. It is the most comfortable to wear and I love the extra body it gives. No one ever believes it is a wig. Thank you.”

– Jenny


Vicki’s “City” wig by Ellen Wille

“I have been wearing wigs for almost 14 years,  when alopecia changed my life. During this time I tried all websites, shops, salons and manufacturers under the sun and across the globe. I had some good experiences but also some real life nightmares along the way. Wigs.co.nz went above and beyond to find the color and the style I wanted. I recommend Wigs.co.nz with all my heart they are the best experience I’ve had in 14 years! Thank you for all your help making my wig buying a celebration! Pictured here wearing “City” by Ellen Wille.”

– Vicki

Rebeccas Sing Mono Part wig in Platinum Blonde

Rebecca’s “Sing Mono” wig by Ellen Wille

“I LOVE my new wig! I have had so many compliments (including that it looks completely natural). I’m very happy 🌸
Rebecca wears Sing Mono by Ellen Wille in colour Platinum Blonde.

– Rebecca

Kylie’s “Drive” wig by Ellen Wille

Kylie’s “Drive” wig by Ellen Wille

“She arrived today and I’m in love! I’m so wanting more Ellen Wille wigs now! Total convert!!”
Kylie is wearing the “Drive” synthetic wig (Lace Front) by Ellen Wille in colour Bernstein Rooted.

– Kylie
Kim’s “Xenita” wig by Ellen Wille

Kim’s “Xenita Hi” wig by Ellen Wille

“This is my first human hair wig from Ellen Wille called “Xenita” (in “Chocolate Mix” colour) and it will always hold so much sentimental value even after 2+ years of wear. I was so fortunate that I found the right information and resources to guide me through the toughest times and navigating my online purchase. No one knows why a mono top is better in the beginning of hairloss, or the importance of cap construction… all you know is you urgently need to cover the balding and look like your old self in the mirror again.”

– Kim

Nicole’s “Miami” wig by Raquel Welch

Nicole’s “Miami” wig by Raquel Welch

“After losing my hair, the Miami wig makes me feel a bit more me. The colour, cut and comfort are spot on, I couldn’t be happier.”

Nicole is wearing the “Miami” Synthetic wig (Mono Crow) by Raquel Welch in colour Sandy Blonde Rooted.

– Nicole





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