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For the most natural and undetectable look, we use fine mono nets or skin that require more care. In conjunction with the fine nets, we use lace fronts, which create the ultimate in hair appearance and gives you an undetectable hair line. There is always a trade-off between appearance and durability, so the heavier the mono net used the longer it will last, however the final look won’t be as natural looking at the fine nets and fine skins.


We have a solution for each and every client as hair loss can be in many different forms such as partial hair loss, total hair loss or even a condition known as Alopecia where sections of hair fall out.


At HAIR CREATIONS / Wigs.co.nz we have experienced Hair Consultants and stylists who will guide you through the entire process and provide you with the best form of non-surgical hair loss solutions to suit your needs and fit your lifestyle.

Going bald isn't a choice! Staying bald is!

You’ll look and feel better

One of the best rewards for staff is to hear clients’ wives and partners saying how much younger and happier their men look with new hair.

The most natural and undetectable hair replacement systems

  • A seamless and undetectable hair line
  • 100% hand made hair systems that is soft to the feel and appears like your natural scalp
  • Hair systems that seamlessly integrate with your own hair.

Here is a quick overview of the different type of hair system solutions to suit your needs


Fine full lace:

  • The most natural, undetectable base. Delicate, and requires more care.
  • Hair is knotted into the fine lace base and appears to grow right out from the scalp. Because of the hidden knots, your scalp will show through the hair, and no one will be able to see that you are wearing a hair system! It is also airy and light to wear.


Fine full lace with PU (Polyurethane):

  • It is our most durable, and one of our most popular Hair Systems. Ideal for daily wear or extended wear (up to 4 to 6 weeks).
  • Fully single-hair hand-knotted, fully air breathable. Apply tape anywhere!
  • The front is scalloped and has a natural receding hairline and is so easy to style!
  • The base is durable against the acid of perspiration.


Fine full lace with PU and Lace Front:

  • It is like the Fine full lace with PU with the lace front for a very natural hairline.
  • It is made of a top-quality micro-monofilament base, with a very thin 1″ width polyurethane from the temple, around back, to the other temple to give additional durability along with a durable Lace Front.

Fine full lace with Lace Front (No PU around):

  • The MOST NATURALHair System with a durable Lace Front.! Silk Front-top for a breathable, comfortable feel, and natural skin look.
  • This system creates the MOST NATURALlook due possible to its invisible knots. Because of the hidden knots, your scalp will show through the hair, and no one will be able to see that you are wearing a hair system! It is also ideal for backward hairstyles, or for men who are very concerned with their front hairline.
  • It is light and comfortable to wear


The Skin Replica is a full Polyurethane base system.

  • The hairs are single-hair injected into the base rather than knotted. No knots, no slings – creates the illusion of the hair growing out of your scalp!
  • Most Natural looking front-hairline because of a thin scalloped edge.
  • This piece is lightweight
  • Soft, medically proven polyurethane base takes on the exact shape of your head and almost “adheres” by itself to your skin without any adhesive tapes. No professional maintenance is required. “Feels like real skin.”

The Onion Skin is a full thin Polyurethane base system.

  • The Onion Skin It is like the Skin Replica but even thinner. For the most natural look.
  • It is very light and comfortable to wear.
  • Because of the thinnest of the skin, the service life of the Onion Skin is not as long as the one of the Replica Skin.

Ready to Wear Natural Hair Systems


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