Wigs by Hair Creations

Choose, wear, and care for your wig with confidence, with these 7 tips.

1. Choose the right size for comfort and security

95% of people fit the standard Average size wig. But follow our easy size guide to be sure. Your wig needs to fit perfectly to be comfortable and secure.

2. Use these techniques to pick a colour you love

Use the colour thumbnails shown for each wig in combination with our special colour ring to choose your perfect shade. If you’re a first-time wig wearer or have hair loss, you may wish to match your original shade. However, you might also consider splashing out with a brand new look!

3. Enjoy the freedom of not needing to style your hair

Our synthetic wigs come pre-styled — just shake and go! Brushing is not necessary and can damage your wig. Use your fingers or a wig comb to part your wig in different ways.

4. Follow a simple maintenance routine

We’ll teach you a simple washing and maintenance routine for proper care of your wig. We sell special wig combs and stands, and can recommend suitable shampoos and conditioners to extend the life of your wig.

Caring for your synthetic wig

5. Keep wigs away from heat

Permanent damage can result from heat from ovens, barbeques, open fires, hot steam and even hair dryers. Avoid wearing your wig when you’re cooking – use a hat or scarf instead, or try one of our comfortable buffs or turbans. See our Accessories pages for details.

6. Have a back-up wig or wigs

Having two or more wigs means peace of mind. You can wear one while another is being washed or dried. If one wig is damaged, you can wear another. Having more than one wig also extends the life of your wigs, as you will wear them in turn.

7. Call our expert consultants!

We’re here every week day from 9 am until 5 pm for free, ongoing support. Call us for any guidance or reassurance you need for styling, wearing or caring for your wig. Our number is on the bottom right of every page on this website: 09 357 6159

  • "Wonderful, caring service. Thank you."

    Lal S., Auckland Avatar
    Lal S., Auckland

    Thanks so much for your help and expertise with my new wig. You are a gem!

    Shirley - Auckland Avatar
    Shirley - Auckland

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    Betty Waihi, Gisborne Avatar
    Betty Waihi, Gisborne
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    Stella, Auckland Avatar
    Stella, Auckland

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    Esther, Auckland

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    Miranda Wellington
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    Raewyn Longham, Auckland Avatar
    Raewyn Longham, Auckland

    My wig is very comfortable and easy to put on. Lots of compliments from friends and family on appearance. Thank you.

    Clarice Bennett - Auckland Avatar
    Clarice Bennett - Auckland

    "Here is what I wrote to our friends and rellies …
    Yesterday Mary got her wig and looks amazing Mary again....
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    Avril, Auckland

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    Jan C., Auckland

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    Caroline, Wellington
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    Jenny D, Auckland

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    Kat, Auckland

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