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Cancer and Chemotherapy Wigs NZ

Helping Cancer Patients in New Zealand Look Great and Feel Fabulous with New Hair

Wigs by Haircreations has built a solid reputation in New Zealand for providing wigs, hair pieces, toppers and head coverings for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments and their associated hair loss. Our caring wig consultants situated throughout New Zealand offer advice and help you select your perfect wig from our extensive range and also help with medical grants and hair loss information and advice to assist you on your wig journey.

We are proud to offer New Zealand’s largest range of medical wigs and hairpieces for short or long-term use. Our hair receives government backing and we are a Ministry of Health and ACC approved provider. Our European-designed ready-made wigs and hairpieces are award-winning, and we also custom-make amazing, natural-looking wigs and hair pieces to suit you.


Chemotherapy Hair Loss: The Facts

    Hair root and follicle cells are fast-growing, and chemotherapy drugs attack these cells too. Chemotherapy hair loss can start at around 2 weeks after your first chemotherapy treatment and just before hair falls out, your scalp can start to feel itchy and tender. This means the hair roots are now under attack from the treatment, and the growth cycle is shutting down.
    – We recommend coming for a wig or hair piece fitting before you start to lose your own hair, and have it adjusted after the hair falls out. You’ll feel more confident having this new hair, and you’ll have time to practice putting it on.


    Hair loss varies with the types and dosage of various chemotherapy drugs. Chemo hair loss can range from noticeable but patchy thinning to complete baldness.
    – If you experience patchy thinning, you may not need a full wig. Hair pieces can be clipped into your existing hair and blend perfectly, adding volume. We offer complete hair wigs, toppers, hair pieces and custom made hair to perfectly suit you.


    Your hair will start to grow back as soon as chemotherapy treatment has ceased. Hair that has been dormant in the hair root during treatment will grow out with a fine, downy appearance. This is known as “chemo hair”. Massaging your scalp with specialised products will encourage scalp health and hair regeneration.
    – In 3 to 6 months your hair will appear stronger and will eventually grow long enough to style again. You may wish to continue to use your wigs and hair pieces until then.


    Medical wigs (also called cancer wigs) and headwear such as scarves, hats or turbans are a great solution to chemotherapy hair loss. Our wigs and headwear are specifically designed for medical hair loss. Normal fashion wigs and headwear are unsuitable because they are of lower quality, do not last, do not look natural, and give inadequate UV protection. It is important to protect your sensitive, exposed scalp from harmful UV rays and heat loss.
    – Our medical grade cancer wigs are lightweight and very comfortable, gentle for scalps with post-chemo sensitivity, securely fitted and totally undetectable.


    Yes, Medical Grants for Wigs are available to cover hair loss caused by chemotherapy. We are an approved Ministry of Health (MOH) and ACC provider.
    – Medical Grants can be provided to help cover conditions including cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, and burns or scarring on the scalp which prevent hair regeneration. Visit our Medical Grants page for more information.


Cancer Wigs: Where to Start?

We understand the stress of hair loss as a side effect of cancer treatment when you are already going through so much, and how it can affect your self confidence and outlook. We have been operating for a long time alongside other great causes such as Look Good Feel Better and the Cancer Society of New Zealand to provide the best quality cancer wigs and support for people dealing with medical hair loss. We care only about getting you the best hair and making you smile again. No one will ever know you are wearing a wig or hairpiece if you don’t want them to.

The first step in your medical hair loss journey is getting the right advice before you start losing your hair (even if you have already started to lose your hair, it’s not too late to get advice).
Our caring hair loss consultants are situated throughout New Zealand and offer private, no-obligation consultations to help guide you on your journey. They will help assess your hair loss pattern and be able to recommend the best solution for your hair loss in the short as well as long term. We provide a caring and private environment for you to try on different wigs and hair pieces to see what will best suit you. We will never pressure you into a decision or contract. Find a Consultant near you to book a free and private consultation. We talk through your individual needs with integrity and you can have as many free consultations as you need.

Once you’ve started your wig journey, you’ll want to arm yourself with the best possible quality wig or hair piece that is going to suit your lifestyle and unique hair loss patterns. Our consultants will walk you through the different types of medical quality wigs that are lightweight, undetectable and hard wearing to ensure you can continue your lifestyle and others will be none the wiser.

Choosing the right wig involves trying on different types, sizes and cap constructions to find the perfect hair. Our consultants will guide you on the available options for your type of hair loss and help you try on different styles and colours to see what looks great and feels amazing for you.

We do not encourage wig sales without ongoing support and advice to ensure you are genuinely supported throughout your entire hair loss journey. Our customers have been with us for a long time and continue to come back to us for advice and support as their hair loss and wig preferences change over time.

Rest assured that Wigs by Haircreations offer you ongoing support and advice throughout your entire hair loss journey, and we don’t believe in buying a wig “to be done with it”. By working with many other helpful organisations such as LGFB and the Cancer Society, we ensure that our customers receive proper and thorough advice and support that they need as their circumstances and cancer journeys change.


If you need any help researching, choosing or buying a wig or hair piece for cancer hair loss, please get in touch with us – we are more than happy to help.


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