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Anyone with hair loss who wishes to cover up thinning areas, baldness or serious scalp tissue damage (due to surgery, burns, tumor, etc) on the scalp may desire a custom made hair replacement system or a full custom made wig. This type of hair loss can occur as a result of aging, alopecia, certain medications (like chemo), stress, trichotillomania and many other conditions.

Custom Hair Replacement is available for women who want a long-lasting alternative. Because not all hair loss situations are the same, we design a specific solution to your individual needs.

The confidence that our clients have gained with our custom design hair replacement system have help to transform their outlook on their hair loss. As one of our clients puts it:” The sooner that you start speaking about your hair loss, the easier it is to own it – the easier it is to walk through a door and shine and say, “This is me!”

Read the Google Reviews about what our clients says about how we make them feel, understand their needs and really make them happy.


Custom Hair Systems

  • For Permanent hair loss
  • Custom made to your size, color, hair texture, length, curls or waves, density, and style
  • Hair length up to 45 cm long
  • Choose between partial hair system or full cap/wig for total hair replacement
  • Cut, style, and blending as per your requirements
  • Partial hair systems blend seamlessly with existing or growing hair
  • Undetectable front hairline
  • Clip-in for daily wear or bonded attachment for extended wear
  • Stays secure during sleep, showers, exercise, swimming, etc
  • Made to your specifications in eight to ten week

Customised, cut, blended, and styled for an undetectable solution

Ready-to-wear wigs or topper

  • For any level of hair loss temporary or permanent
  • Standard models with common specifications
  • Handmade or Machine wefted, with some handmade elements, depending on the models
  • Limited choices of styles and colours for Small and Large head sizes
  • Full wigs or partial coverage with Toppers
  • Can be trimmed or thinned to some extend
  • Toppers blend seamlessly with existing or growing hair
  • Undetectable Front hairline depends on product chosen (Lace front models)
  • Daily Removal
  • Not recommended to sleep, shower, or swim underwater
  • Immediately Available

Contemporary colours and styles available off-the-shelf for a natural look

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Hair Loss Subsidy from the Ministry of Health - NZ

The Wigs and Hairpieces Service Payment is a government payment to people who suffer from serious hair loss because of a medical condition or from certain cancer therapies. The payments are to reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining a wig or hairpiece or hair replacement sytems and headwear.

We will advise you how much you are entitled to during your free consultation, and can then action your grant/subsidy personally at your request. We are an approved Ministry of Health (MOH) and ACC provider.

Click here for more details on Wig Subsidy amounts.

NB: To claim it you must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

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