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Relating face shapes to hair styles

There are two main options:

  • Stay close to your usual hair style
  • Try something new and different.

Different face shapes suit different styles. Scroll down to find out more about face shapes, and how we can support you in choosing your style.

Styling tips for all face shapes

Here are the best styles for your face shape. For those undergoing medical treatment: remember, some treatments may change your face shape. Your specialist can advise you on what to expect. This knowledge will help you choose a style you’ll feel comfortable with.

You have a long face

  • This face has a long chin, high forehead and long cheeks.
  • Short hairstyles are best, as they flatter the fineness of your face. Long hair makes your face look even longer.
  • Fringes make long faces look shorter.

Here are two styles that might be flattering

  • Tool wig – Perucci Collection
  • Point wig – Perucci Collection

You have a heart-shaped face

  • This face has a broad forehead and narrow chin, like an inverted triangle.
  • A light, wispy fringe or a thick long fringe flatter by covering your wide forehead.
  • Hair should be chin-to shoulder-length.
  • Ideal styles flick outwards around chin level to balance the narrow chin.

Here are two styles that might be flattering

  • Fresh wig – Hairpower Collection
  • Flair Mono wig – Hairpower Collection

Diamond-shaped face

  • This face has wide cheek bones, a low forehead and small chin.
  • To balance wide cheekbones, your style should be narrower at the sides and fuller around the chin.
  • Avoid volume at the crown.

Here are two styles that might be flattering

  • Talia Mono wig – Hairpower Collection
  • Zara Mono wig – Hairpower Collection

Oval-shaped face

  • The ideal face shape, with cheekbones wider than the forehead and chin.
  • Almost all hairstyles suit this face.

Here are two styles that might be flattering

  • Limit wig – Hairpower Collection
  • Disc wig – Hairpower Collection

Round face

  • This face has full cheeks and a rounded forehead and chin.
  • Styles that are narrow at the sides with volume at the crown add length to round faces.
  • Foreheads can be bare, or have a fringe combed to one side.

Here are two styles that might be flattering

  • Flip Mono wig – Hairpower Collection
  • Smoke wig – Hairpower Collection

Square face

  • This face has a wide hairline, square chin and angular contours.
  • Long hair with a side parting softens and flatters this face shape.
  • Curls and waves are flattering too.
  • Fringed short hairstyles look great.

Here are two styles that might be flattering

  • Grace wig – Hairpower Collection
  • Club wig – Hairpower Collection

Bulb-shaped face

  • This face has a low forehead, and wide cheekbones and chin.
  • Hair should be fuller at the crown, to accentuate your cheekbones and chin.

Here are two styles that might be flattering

  • Stop wig – Hairpower Collection
  • Noelle wig – Hairpower Collection

Is a long hair wig right for you?

If you have long hair, getting a long hair wig seems a good idea at first. But long synthetic wigs need more frequent servicing to stay pristine. Keep this in mind, as it affects affordability. Long human hair wigs also require a greater financial investment.

Try changing your current style

A change can be refreshing — and choosing a wig is a unique chance to change your hairstyle without risk. Because you can ‘try on’ your new hair, just like trying on a hat, you’ll know instantly if you’ll like the change.

Use our ongoing style support

Feel free to contact us at any time for advice and reassurance.

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