Wigs by Hair Creations

A stylish shape that has lots of styling options, it’s easy to maintain and light to wear.

The fringe measures approximately 9cm and can be worn forward, below brow or it can be swept to the side.

The overall look of this wig is tousled with a sprinkling of flicks at the back. The flicks will stay in position all day, everyday. The designers have cut this wig so that you can be confident the flicks will look fabulously trendy.

The layers at the side fall just below ear level. If you prefer you can always style behind the ears, but to keep in style with the overall look, we prefer covering the ears.

Vicky who just received her new City Look Wig in Champagne Shaded told wigs.co.nz how good she is looking in her new wig and sent us a photo as the best proof:

Vicky with her new City Look wig powered by Ellen Wille

“To say my wig is absolutely PERFECT its an understatement. Thank you so so much for your efforts and all your dedication. Everything you did and every minute you spent looking after me has not gone unnoticed and is highly highly appreciated. You really are one of a kind :)! Just as a small sign of my gratitude I want to post a photo and feedback about my experience and your amazing customer service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jean and I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful collaboration. I plan on supporting and promoting your business and the website as you guys are doing a really fantastic job. Have a wonderful day and will be in touch once I need to renew ;)!

Kindest regards,

Wigs NZ