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Synthetic Fibre Wigs

There are 2 different fibres that wigs can be made from; synthetic fibres or human hair. You may have noticed that there seems to be a lot more options for synthetic fibre wigs compared to human hair wigs; and the price points are often lower than human hair options. Despite this, you might be feeling apprehensive about synthetic fibre as a wig material. You might have visions of bulky, shiny costume wigs, or even tangled doll’s hair. Wigs NZ is here to settle your fears with our discussion around the benefits of buying a synthetic fibre wig.

What are synthetic fibres actually made from?

Synthetic fibre wigs are made of acrylic that is heated and strung into strands that resemble human hair. Over the last 20 years or so, the technology used to create synthetic fibres has developed extensively. These developments have resulted in a range of fibres thicknesses (called denier) that can be made, with the finest types closely resembling human hair. This means that high quality synthetic fibres are now so close to human hair it is often difficult to tell the difference unless you have both in front of you. Synthetic fibres can also be created to be smooth and shiny or coarse and curly  depending on what is required. With modern synthetic fibres looking and feeling like human hair, people can enjoy the benefits of wearing synthetic fibre wigs without compromising on style.

The benefits of synthetic fibre wigs

There a some really great benefits of owning a synthetic fibre wig – these are explained below:

  • Permanent styling. Synthetic fibre wigs are usually pre styled and can literally be taken out of the box and worn. Even after washing and drying they keep their shape. This is a great plus point for those that wish to remove the burden of everyday hair styling. 
  • All weather perfection. Synthetic fibre wigs retain their style after being rained on and will keep their shape in humid weather – no more flat or frizzy hair!
  • Multiple colour options that don’t fade. A synthetic fibre wig can be produced in almost any colour you can imagine and it won’t fade like a colour on human hair would. There are also different options for tints, such as a foiled look or a gradient colour. It must also be mentioned that most human hair wigs are sourced from people with dark hair therefore it is difficult to achieve a range of light colours.
  • Low maintenance. Due to needing minimal styling, synthetic fibre wigs are very low maintenance. With cleansing only needed every 6-8 weeks and just a spray with detangler and a light comb before wearing they really are easy-care.
  • Cost. Synthetic fibre wigs are usually a lot cheaper than human hair wigs, which makes them a high quality yet affordable option.
  • Heat friendly synthetic fibre wigs are now available. These offer all the benefits of modern synthetic fibres, and give you the option of restyling multiple times!

Hopefully this post has helped you to get a better understanding of the benefits of modern synthetic fibre wigs. Whilst there are many benefits, there are some things you should consider before you purchase a synthetic fibre wig. When brand new, a synthetic fibre wig can often look shinier than a human hair wig, however this does wear off over time. If your synthetic fibre wig is not heat friendly you do need to be careful not to expose it to high heats, damage can occur if you are under heat lamps or when opening the door of a hot oven.

Finally, as with all things, you do get what you pay for.  A cheaper synthetic fibre wig will not look as natural or have as many benefits as a higher quality, more expensive model. Wigs NZ only sell synthetic fibre wigs from quality brands, and all features are clearly explained in the ‘description’ section of the product so you know you’re getting the most for your money.

Whatever type of wig you’re looking for, we’re here to help you. If you would like any further advice, or help with choosing a wig, please feel free to contact us. We have hair experts available to help from 8.30am-4pm via telephone and we are always happy to answer your queries through email.

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