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Wigs for Cancer Patients and Chemotherapy Hair Loss

We have built a solid reputation in NZ for providing wigs for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and its associated hair loss. View some of our wigs below, or contact our friendly consultants nationwide.

New Zealand’s largest range of medical wigs and hairpieces for short or long-term use

Our hair receives government backing and we are a Ministry of Health and ACC approved provider. Our European-designed ready-made wigs and hairpieces are award-winning. We also custom-make amazing, natural-looking wigs and hair pieces to suit you.


Why does chemotherapy cause hair loss?

Hair root and follicle cells are also fast-growing, and the drugs attack those too. Cells lining the mouth and intestine are also affected.

When will my hair fall out?

Chemotherapy hair loss becomes evident about 2 weeks after the first treatment starts. Just before hair falls out, your scalp can feel itchy and tender. This means the hair roots are now under attack from the treatment, and the growth cycle is shutting down.

It’s best to come for a fitting for a wig or hair piece before you start to lose your own hair, and have it adjusted after the hair falls out. You’ll feel more confident having this new hair, and you’ll have time to practice putting it on.

How much hair will I lose?

Hair loss varies with the types of drugs given and the dosage. It ranges from noticeable but patchy thinning to complete baldness.

If you experience patchy thinning, you may not need a full wig. Hair pieces can be clipped into your existing hair and blend perfectly, adding volume.

When will my hair grow back?

Your hair will start to grow back as soon as chemotherapy treatment has ceased. Hair that has been dormant in the hair root during treatment will grow out with a fine, downy appearance. This is known as “chemo hair”. In 3 to 6 months the hair will appear stronger and will eventually grow long enough to style again. You may wish to continue to use your wigs and hair pieces until then.

Massaging your scalp with specialised products will encourage scalp health and hair regeneration.

Should I wear a wig or headwear during my hair loss?

Medical wigs (also called cancer wigs) and headwear such as scarves, hats or turbans are a great solution to chemotherapy hair loss. Our wigs and headwear are specifically designed for medical hair loss. Normal fashion wigs and headwear are unsuitable because they are of lower quality, do not last, do not look natural, and give inadequate UV protection. It is important to protect your sensitive, exposed scalp from harmful UV rays and heat loss.

In contrast, Hair Creations cancer wigs are:

  • lightweight and very comfortable
  • gentle for scalps with post-chemo sensitivity
  • securely fitted.

Synthetic wigs are often chosen by clients who have had chemotherapy and whose hair is expected to grow back after treatment. These wigs are less durable but also less expensive than the human hair wigs we recommend for permanent hair loss.

For more on choosing a wig, please see our Helpful Info section.

Visit us for a free, no-obligation consultation, and our skilled consultants can also advise you on suitable choices.

Am I entitled to a medical grant?

Yes, grants are available to cover hair loss caused by chemotherapy (more on our Medical grants page).

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